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TRACE-GAS OEM assemblies create new solutions for complex gas analysis requirements

In recent years, the requirements for gas analyzers have increased more and more. Simple analyzers have become the exception and instead the function is extended with additional components to meet the requirements of the particular gas analysis.

To meet the requirements of specific gas analysis, other OEM components are always needed in addition to the actual sensor technology. A large number of inquiries to different manufacturers have to be sent out and many offers have to be obtained. Once the right parts are found, it must be checked whether they can be integrated and connected to existing sensors, etc. This process usually costs a lot of time and money.
Using TRACE-GAS OEM assemblies speeds up the design and implementation process. Intensive analysis and testing phases, which normally occur when selecting the appropriate components, are eliminated. The assembly modules are plug & play capable and ready for immediate use thanks to pre-assembly. All modules can communicate via CAN and require a 24V power supply. The flexible assembly modules can also be combined with OEM sensors from TRACE-GAS or used independently in an individual customer configuration. The wide selection of sensors and complementary OEM assemblies allows users to reduce their sources of supply and use the total solution ready-to-use.
The module selection is large and includes classic components such as a touch HMI to operate the finished assembly, gas coolers to separate moisture in the sample gas, controllable pumps with a flow of up to 8 l/min and ozone destroyers to protect against the irritant gas when using CLD technology.
To extend the sensor technology, electrochemical O2 sensors are available, as well as a sensor extension module to integrate additional sensors, such as an NDIR sensor, a zirconia oxygen sensor, a paramagnetic oxygen sensor into the assembly. The offer is completed by a NOx converter for the reduction of NO2 molecules to NO, pressure and temperature control modules as well as analog output modules for switching both analog and digital outputs.
The TRACE-GAS OEM assemblies will be presented for the first time at ACHEMA 2022 in Frankfurt.

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