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This all-in-one solution represents a compact and cost efficient gas analyzing system for Continuous Emission Monitoring (CEMS).
It can be used for various operation units to monitor the emission limits required by authorities and to optimize process parameters.

CEMS-in-a-box includes a high precision NDIR analyzer, which operates in change-flow-mode (CFM) to ensure a stable zero point. Furthermore, this system includes an electric gas cooler, an autocalibration unit, a purge unit, a HMI and various I/O functions.

Measurement principle:
SO2, NOX, CO and CO2 are measured by a nondispersive infrared (NDIR) analyzer. As sample gas enters the analyzer, it gets filtered and precisely cooled down to 4°C, which minimizes humidity influences. Additional pressure regulation as well as temperature regulation allow measurements with highest accuracy. A Control Valve Unit enables a change-flow-mode technique to ensure a long-term stability.

Furthermore, an O2-sensor, a CLDmini, a purge unit, a housing cooler and an autocalibration unit can be integrated if necessary.

cems, continous emission monitoring
size: 687 x 860 x 360 mm
Measuring Range
max. rangemin. rangeoptional
Measuring range
SO20 – 5.000 ppm0 – 250 ppm0 – 50 ppm
NO0 – 5.000 ppm0 – 450 ppm0 – 100 ppm
CO0 – 5.000 ppm0 – 200 ppm0 – 100 ppm
CO20 – 20 %
O20 – 25 %
Linearity≤ ± 1 % of full scale
Zero drift≤± 1 % of full scale per week
Span drift≤± 1 % of full scale per week
Repeatability≤± 0,5 % of full scale
Response time< 180 s
Ambient conditionsTemperature: -5 to 35 ̊C (50 ̊C optional), Humidity: < 90%, shelter or roof required, no direct sun exposure
Sample gaspre-conditioning required, heated sample line, filtered
Gas flow3 l/min(1), warning message for incorrect flow values
Power supply90 – 264 V AC/50 – 60 Hz, internal safety management, max. power consumption 380 W
Dimensions860 x 687 x 360 mm
AssemblyOutdoor wall installation under shelter or installation in control room
Analog outputCurrent output 4 – 20 mA for each measured gas
Analog inputExternal sensors (e.g. H2O, pressure) can be connected
Digital outputAnalyzer status, warnings, purging
Digital inputRemote calibrations
CommunicationModbus TCP/IP
Weight40 kg
Gas connections1 x zero gas, 5 x span gas, sample gas, exhaust, drain, compressed air
Zero point correctionAutomatically done by change-flow-mode
InterfaceIntegrated HMI with 7″ LCD (capacitive touch)
OptionsProbe purging unit, autocalibration unit, O2– sensor, housing cooler, CLDmini
1 can be adjusted if necessary

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