CLD OEM Sensors

compact frame-size

CLDmini OEM Sensor

The OEM sensors CLDmini BASIC and CLDmini PRO offer precise measurement results in a very small space.
They combine the advantages of the chemiluminescence method with a compact size.
The CLD-OEM sensors can also be combined with our other sensors and accessories, e.g. pressure measurement or display options via touch screen.

Option: NOX-converter is available.


The BASIC sensor module contains the reaction chamber, a drying hose, the ozone generation and the associated evaluation electronics.
The temperature-stabilized reaction chamber allows reproducible measurements at low concentrations.

CLD OEM-sensor, Chemilumineszezdetektor


The CLDmini PRO sensor has the same basic design as the CLDmini BASIC.
In addition to the temperature stabilized reaction chamber, it contains a cooling system for the PMT.
This allows a better signal-to-noise ratio and thus a significantly lower detection limit to be achieved.

Chemiluminescence sonsor

Reduction of NO2 molecules to NO when the sample gas is passed through the cartridge or the converter material contained therein.
Achieves a converter efficiency of up to 98 %.

  1. Specifications

    SpecificationsCLDmini BASICCLDmini PRO
    Measurement range (FS)0 - 1.000 ppm0 - 100 ppm
    Limit of detection (LOD)1 @t10-t90 ≤ 5 s< 0,5 ppm (2σ) 0,05 ppm (3σ)
    Linearity± 1 % FS
    Zero drift< LOD in 8 h
    Span drift< 1 % FS in 8 h
    1 depending on filter settings and flow-rate


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