For monitoring: CH2O (Formaldehyde, Methanal)

Laser Absorption Spectroscopy

The TRACE-GAS CH2O analyzer combines reliability, fast response and ease of use in one instrument. Designed for calibration-free and direct measurement of formaldehyde (CH2O).

You want to directly measure CH2O in your exhaust gas? We can provide a solution for hot-wet measurements with our LASmini! Send an enquiry here.

  1. Key Features
    • no cross sensitivities
    • no calibration required
    • selective, continuous real-time measurement
    • spectral correlation check
    • no formation of condensate
    • no consumables
    • no additional components (ready-to-use)
    • purely physical measuring principle required
  2. Applications
    • Stationary (test chambers) + transportable measurement (battery operation)

    • Monitoring of outgassing from indoor building products

    • Formaldehyde measurement in exhaust gas from gas engines/turbines

    • Online concentration measurement for process control (continuous measurement)

    • Concentration monitoring at the workplace

    • Indoor air monitoring

    • Fence-line monitoring

    • Emission monitoring of wood products

    • Emission measurement of vehicles


  3. Technical Data

    Technical dataLAS CH2O
    Ambient temperature10 - 35 °C
    Ambient pressure800-1100 mbar
    Gas flow< 0,8 l/min
    CommunicationModbus TCP/IP + analog output 4 - 20 mA
    Dimensions (L x W x H)567 x 485 x 221 mm, 19" housing
    Weightapprox. 19 kg
    Supply voltage100 - 240 V AC/50 - 60 Hz

  4. Specifications

    Measuring range (FS)0 - 10 ppm
    Limit of detection (LOD) 1≤ 5 ppb (2σ)
    Response time (t10-t90) 2≤ 30 s
    Linearity (greater of)≤ ± 0,5 ppm or ± 1 % of measured value
    Zero drift≤ 50 ppb in 8 h
    Span drift≤ ± 1 % FS in 8 h
    1 lower detection limits on request
    2 depending on flow and filter settings

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