OEM Sensor Assembly

OEM Sensor Assembly

In our product range we offer not only our own OEM sensors, but also various accessory components.

These can be used to connect/integrate the gas sensors into an existing measurement setup, measuring device or analyzer.
You build your own analyzer with the help of our OEM sensors?

Perhaps you will find components in our “Sensor-Assembly” which complement your device in a useful way.



Electrochemical assembly

For various applications it is necessary to determine the oxygen concentration (O2) in addition to other gases.
An electrochemical sensor is suitable for this purpose. The sensor measures oxygen concentrations in a range of 0-25% and has within this range a tolerance of ± 0,1% for display error, reproducibility and cross-sensitivity (0,1% vol.).



Ozone destruction by heat

When measuring NO/NOX concentrations using the chemiluminescence method (CLD), ozone occurs.  

Ozone is an irritant gas and can lead to nosebleeds and pulmonary oedema in addition to tears and breathing difficulties. It is very harmful to health and should therefore never be inhaled. For this reason, the use of an ozone destructor is recommended in order to protect above all health, but also the nose (ozone is very odorous).



The function of the gas cooler is to separate the moisture in the sample gas. The contained water vapour/moisture is cooled to 4°C via a Peltier element, so that the vapour condenses. The heat is dissipated via fans.
A gas cooler can significantly improve the performance of your measuring instrument and helps to avoid costly compensation due to cross-sensitivities caused by water vapor.



Display + control board
The HMI serves to simplify the operation of our devices. The HMI – abbreviation for: Human Machine Interface – consists of a control board and a 7 inch display. Our Ready-to-Use instruments each contain an HMI for intuitive operation of the analyzers via touch screen. 

The user interface of the HMI is similar to that of a smartphone, which facilitates intuitive operation. The basic module can be integrated into a device and can also be visually adapted according to customer requirements/degree of integration.



Cartridge + holder + converter material - heated; without insulation

The NOX-Converter consists of a heated cartridge. 

The sample gas (including NO2) is fed through the cartridge and thus through the converter material contained in it. The material inside the converter causes a reduction of NO2 molecules to NO. The converter achieves a converter efficiency of up to 98%. In addition to the NO measurement, NOX measurements can also be carried out with the same sensor. If an appropriate setup is selected, a value for the NO2 concentration can be determined by calculating the concentration values (NOX and NO).


NOX-Converter insulated

Cartridge + holder + converter material - heated; without insulation

Pressure-Control Module

Board with pressure sensors + valve block (proportional valve)

The module for pressure control consists of a board with several pressure sensors and various control elements as well as a valve block. 

This contains a suitable proportional valve with which the pressure can be regulated.


Heating Module

control board + heating cartridge + fan

The condensation of components in the sample gas can lead to contamination in the lines or the measuring chamber or to clogging of nozzles. Heating certain parts of the analyzer can prevent this condensation and thus improve the function of the entire instrument. The temperature of an appropriate heating cartridge can be set via a control board.
An additional fan is used for heat dissipation.


Analog-Output Module

Analog/Digital CAN Module

The analog output module is used to switch both analog and digital outputs.

It contains three configurable analog and five high-side outputs.
The module can be combined with the TraceGas sensors and the HMI.
Depending on the customer’s requirements, the module can be adapted for optimal performance.


Pump with cable

The pump is a vacuum pump that reaches a flow of 8 l/min.
This flow is also adjustable. The pump needs a 24 V DC power supply.
An additional cable is attached for direct use of the pump.


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