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CLD Analyzer

For monitoring: NO, NO2, NOx

CLD based Analyzers | NO, NO2, NOx Analyzers

The TRACE-GAS CLD analyzers are based on the chemiluminescence effect for the detection of nitrogen oxides. They combine a direct measuring method with fast reaction times and a long lifetime. They convince by low maintenance requirements and extremely stable measured values.

For monitoring: NO, NO2, NOx

CLDmono Analyzer

Single channel CLD analyzer for precise detection of nitrogen monoxide (NO). By using a NOX-converter and a switch at the reaction chamber, nitrogen monoxide and higher value nitrogen oxides (NOX) can be measured sequentially. In addition, the instrument with converter can also be used for pure nitrogen oxide (NOX) measurement.

For monitoring: NO, NO2, NOx

CLDdual Analyzer

The dual-channel analyzer with its parallel arranged reaction chambers allows the simultaneous measurement of NO and NOX.
For raw gas measurements the CLDdual can be heated to 190°C and is ideally suited for both high and low concentrations.
The NO2 content can be determined by calculation.

By integration of a NDIR sensor an additional measurement of CO/CO2 is possible.


NOx Converter

Laser Absorption Spectroscopy

Main features

direct measuring method

high dynamic range

very good signal-to-noise ratio (SNR)

intuitive user interface

high life span

extremely stable measurement values

quick response time

capacitive touch screen

extremely low maintenance

modular structure

Laser absorption spectroscopy

Application fields


Monitoring & Regulating

Analysis of chimney exhaust gases
DeNOX of plants
Monitoring of marine engines
NO2 measurement in buildings
Operation of burners and boilers
Waste incineration
Water analysis TNb



Automotive industry
Chemical and high-tech industry
Quality control in production



Biomedical development labs
Pharmaceutical development labs
Plant physiology research


Other fields


Technical Data

Technical dataCLDmono basicCLDdual basic
Ambient temperature10 - 35 °C (non condensing)
Inlet pressure800 - 1.100 mbar
Gas flow30 - 200 ml/min/channel 1
CommunicationModbus TCP/IP + analog output 4 - 20 mA
Dimensions (L x W x H)19" 3 HU (543 x 485 x 143 mm)
Weightapprox. 23 kg
Supply voltage230 V AC/50 - 60 Hz
Heatable-70 - 190 °C
User interface7" LCD (resistive touch)
1 can be adjusted if necessary


SpecificationsCLDmono basicCLDdual basic
Measuring range (FS) min.0 - 100 ppm
Measuring range (FS) max.0 - 3.000 ppm
Limit of detection (LOD) 1 @t10-t90 ≤ 10 s≤ 40 ppb (3σ)≤ 20 ppb (3σ)
Linearity≤ ± 0,5 ppm or ± 1 % measuring value (FS: 100 ppm)≤ ± 5 ppm or ± 1 % measuring value (FS: 3.000 ppm)
Zero drift≤ ± 1 ppm in 10 h
Span drift≤ ± 1 % FS in 10 h
1 specified for constant temperature, flow and inlet pressure

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