NDIR Analyzer

For monitoring: CO/CO2/CH4 and other hydrocarbons

NDIR Analyzer

The TRACE-GAS NDIR CO Analyzer – Quick and continuous measurement up to high concentrations. Cost-optimized and long-term stable. The analyzer combines our non-dispersive infrared sensor with housing, pump, filter, power supply, analog output and HMI to an out of the box solution for your analyzing needs. The complete NDIR gas analyzer setup is developed and produced in Germany according to high quality standards.

NDIR Analyzer, NDIR Gasanalysator, CO
  1. Key Features
    • Can be realized for every NDIR sensor with all different gases
    • Includes all benefits from our NDIR sensors
    • Cost efficient
    • Complete analyzer including NDIR-sensor is built in-house
    • Includes pump, HMI, filter, power supply and analog output
  2. Applications
    • Occupational safety
    • Air quality monitoring
    • Biogas plants
    • Wood processing
    • Wood products
    • Emissions
  3. Technical Data

    Technical data (example)NDIR CO
    Ambient temperature10 - 40 °C (non condensing)
    Ambient pressure700 - 1.200 mbar
    Gas flow< 1,5 l/min
    CommunicationModbus TCP/IP + analog output 4 - 20 mA (optional)
    Dimensions (L x W x H)520 x 485 x 190 mm
    Weight5 kg
    Supply voltage100 - 240 V AC/50 - 60 Hz
    User Interface7" LCD (capacitive touch)

  4. Specifications

    Measuring range (FS) CO0 - 30 %
    Measuring range (FS) CO20 - 20 %
    Measuring range (FS) CH40 - 5 %
    Limit of detection (LOD)1 @t10-t90 ≤ 10 s≤ 0,5 % FS (2σ)
    Linearity≤ ± 1 % FS
    Zero drift≤ 1 % FS in 8 h
    Span drift≤ 1 % FS in 8 h
    1 specified for constant ambient temperature, flow and inlet pressure

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