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PAS OEM Sensors

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Instead we offer OEM solutions with our top-notch gas analysis technology for your product. We are happy to compliment your product solution with our know-how to create the best value for your customer. Wether we are extending your product functions or making it safer with e.g. continuous emission monitoring. We look forward to working with you!

PAS - NO2 sensor for emission and immission

The PAS-NO2 OEM Sensor is an almost drift-free sensor for the direct detection of nitrogen dioxide (NO2).
Due to the innovative evaluation method, large measuring ranges can be realized with an extremely low detection limit.
The compact design allows fast, cost-effective and continuous measurement with low sample volume flow.


Technical Data

Technical dataPAS-NO2PAS-NO2 - Immission
Ambient temperature0 - 35 °C (non condensing)
Inlet pressure1850 - 1.100 mbar
Dimensions (L x W x H)293 x 118 x 120 mm
Weight1,2 kg1,5 kg
Power supply24 V DC (max. 30 W)
1 can be enlarged optionally


SpecificationsPAS-NO2PAS-NO2 - Immission
Measurement range (FS) min.0 - 10 ppm0 - 1 ppm
Measurement range (FS) max.0 - 5.000 ppm
Limit of detection (LOD)1 @t10- t90 ≤ 3 s< 10 ppb (2σ)< 0,5 ppb (2σ)
Linearity< 1 % FS
Accuracy± 1 % FS
Zero drift< LOD in 8 h
Span drift< 1 % FS in 8 h
1 depending on filter settings and flow-rate

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