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Non-dispersive infraredspectroscopy

Cost optimized measurement

NDIR | Non-dispersive Infraredspectroscopy for gas analyzers & sensors

NDIR – operating principle:
A non-dispersive infrared sensor is used to measure molecule concentrations in gases.
Gases have a specific wavelength in the infrared range in which they absorb radiation. The gas to be analyzed is filled into a cuvette of defined length and irradiated with infrared light. The length of the cuvette is selected so that the requirements for the measuring range can be met.
An infrared detector is located at the other end of the cuvette. To prevent the sensor from responding to all wavelengths, a bandpass filter suitable for the respective gas is placed in front of the detector. Only the desired gas absorbs the light of the filtered wavelength and therefore its’ concentration can be determined.

Technology factsheet

We have summarized the most important information about the technology, possible applications and our technical design options in a clear factsheet.

NDIR sensors & gas analyzers

Benefits at a glance

Cost-optimized measurement method due to its modular and compact design

Smart temperature management prevents condensation

High quality cell made ​​of special coated cuvette

Short response time due to small cuvette volume

No moving parts inside the sensor, long lifetime

Pressure compensation

H2O compensation

NDIR sensors & gas analyzers


Measurement of up to 4 IR-active molecules

Analog output module (4 - 20 mA)

Communication via CAN or RS232

Input for electrochemical sensor

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