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TRACE-GAS expands its technology portfolio in the field of gas analysis with flame ionization detection (FID)

The innovative technology platform based on flame ionization detection is used for the measurement of total hydrocarbon (THC) and methane (CH4) concentrations.

The TRACE-GAS FID technology platform is designed for high precision analysis of organic hydrocarbon compounds (VOC/THC/Methane). The measurement principle is based on the ionization of organically bound carbon atoms in a hydrogen flame. This allows the mass determination of THC or CH4 concentrations in a process or sample gas.
The very high dynamic range as well as the extreme linearity over a wide concentration range show a clear advantage over other sensor principles and qualify the FID technology for various applications.
During the design of the sensor, special attention was paid to a compact structure as well as modularity. With this goal in mind, a dual-channel measurement system was implemented in the smallest possible space, enabling the simultaneous measurement of THC and CH4. With the dual system, the content of non-methane hydrocarbons (NMHC) can also be monitored, which ideally serves the versatile application areas of the technology platform.
The compact design of the sensor system makes flame ionization detection the perfect complement to existing systems, for example in the field of gas chromatography. The connection and integration can be easily implemented due to the modular design of the sensor technology.
The TRACE-GAS FID sensor technology has already been used in automotive applications where flame ionization is prescribed as the reference method for measuring total hydrocarbon (THC) in exhaust gas. Here, the focus is primarily on the mobile use of the overall measurement system in the context of PEMS measurements. In the case of transportable solutions, low-voltage operation and low power consumption are particularly advantageous.
Measuring devices based on the FID principle are also used in other sectors such as the semiconductor industry or for applications in leakage detection at landfills and in industrial plants to reliably determine the hydrocarbon concentration.
Whatever challenges one faces in the field of monitoring VOCs, hydrocarbons or methane:
FID mono and dual technology, TRACE-GAS has developed a solution that combines the advantages of flame ionization detection with a compact design. The OEM sensor can be easily adapted to customer-specific requirements and applications, and the technology platform can also be expanded with complementary components from the TRACE-GAS OEM assemblies.

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