CEMS maritime

NDIR - gas analyzer for scrubber

CEMS maritime

This system for Continuous Emission Monitoring (CEMS) is built for the maritime use. It has been specially developed for analyzing gas concentrations in DeSOX applications (Scrubbers). Where ship emissions are limited by regulation (ECAs), our system can be integrated for monitoring SO2 and CO2. The compact box includes a precise and efficient NDIR sensor, a gas dryer, a human machine inferface, pumps, analog outputs and Modbus communication. By operating the NDIR sensor in change flow mode, a stable zero point can be ensured over long time periods.

Measurement principle:

SO2 and CO2 are measured by a nondispersive infrared (NDIR) analyzer.
Since we are not using any moving parts in our NDIR module, we can ensure a long term operation with fewest maintenance needs.

As sample gas enters the analyzer, it gets precisely cooled down to 4°C, which minimizes humidity influences. Additional pressure regulation as well as temperature regulation allow measurements with highest accuracy.

A Control Valve Unit enables a change-flow-mode technique to ensure a long-term stability.

cems continous emission monitoring maritim use
size: 687 x 860 x 360 mm

Flow Diagramm

flowdiagramm cems maritim
  1. Key Features
    • Simultaneous measurement of CO2 and SO2
    • Easy & flexible installation due to compact size
    • Long-term stability by operating in change flow mode
    • Robust against rough environmental conditions
    • Analyzer performance according to the NOX technical code 2008 / MEPC 177(58)
  2. Main Features
    • An integrated housing cooler ensures a stable air conditioning inside the box.
    • Change-flow-mode: The internal Control Valve Unit is managing a continuous zero point correction for a stable zeropoint.
    • An integrated HMI is managing the analog and digital communication as well as the 7" Touch-Panel for operating purposes.
    • The valves, pumps, filter and the gas cooler are arranged in smart modules which can be replaced quick & easy.
    • Optimized service and maintenance possibilities provide an uncomplicated support for the system integrator.
    • The IP43 enclosure is mounted by damping elements to withstand all kinds of vibrations.
  3. Measuring Range

    Measuring range 1 
    SO20 - 250 ppm
    CO20 - 20%
    1 other measuring ranges upon request

  4. Specifications

    Accuracy≤ ± 2% of reading or 0,3% of full scale
    Noise≤ ± 2% of full scale
    Zero drift≤ 2% of full scale in 1 h
    Span drift≤ 2% of full scale in 1 h
    Precision≤ ± 1% of full scale
    Response time< 30 s
    Ambient conditionsTemperature: -5 to 45 °C, Humidity: < 90%,
    Sample gasFiltered, heated sample gas line (no condensation)
    Gas flow3 l/min (1), warning message for incorrect flow values
    Power supply90 - 264 V AC/50 - 60 Hz, internal safety management, max. power consumption 380 W
    Dimensions860 x 687 x 360 mm
    AssemblyWall installation under shelter or installation in control room
    Analog outputCurrent output 4 - 20 mA for each measured gas
    Digital outputAnalyzer calibration status
    CommunicationModbus TCP/IP
    Weight40 kg
    Connectionszero gas, combined span gas, sample gas, exhaust, drain, compressed air
    Zero point correctionAutomatically done by change-flow-mode
    InterfaceIntegrated HMI with 7" LCD (capacitive touch)
    1 can be adjusted if necessary

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