CLD OEM Sensors

compact frame-size

CLDmini OEM Sensor

The CLDmini BASIC and CLDmini PRO OEM-sensors offer precise measurement results in a compact space.

The temperature-stabilized reaction chamber allows a reproducible measurement at low concentrations. In addition to the reaction chamber, the sensor-module includes the ozone generation as well as the evaluation electronics.

Option: NOX converter is available.


CLD OEM Sensor

NOX - Converter

Nox Konverter
  1. Technical Data & Specifications

    SpecificationsCLDmini BASICCLDmini PRO
    Measurement range (FS) min.0 - 10 ppm0 - 100 ppm
    Measurement rang (FS) max.0 - 2.500 ppm
    Limit of detection (LOD)*
    @t10-t90 ≤ 5 s
    < 0,5 ppm (2σ, 10 s)0,05 ppm (3σ, 10 s)
    Linearity± 1% FS
    Accuracy± 1% FS
    Zero drift< LOD in 8 h
    Span drift< 1% FS in 8 h
    * depending on filter settings and flow-rate


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