LAS CH₂O gas analyzer – monitoring formaldehyd imission

The TRACE-GAS LAS CH2O analyzer combines reliability, fast response and ease of use in one instrument. Designed for calibration-free, continuous and direct measurement of formaldehyde (CH2O).

Production of wood-based materials

Formaldehyde is the starting material for various industrial products such as varnishes, paints and adhesives. Wood-based materials are often glued with formaldehyde-based glues. Restrictions on CH2O limit values were increased since 2014 when the EU classified the substance as carcinogenic. These emissions of wood-based materials are not only found in production and storage of these but as well in private homes. CH2O can evaporate from building materials, furniture and flooring. To ensure that materials intended for indoor use are free from this hazardous substance, formaldehyde concentrations should be monitored closely in production. Start to monitor your production with our LAS CH2O analyzer and make private homes healthier!

Emission monitoring of gas engines/turbines

During operation of gas engines and gas turbines with natural gas or biogas for producing electrical energy, emissions of substances such as NOx and CO, as well as formaldehyde, are generated. Therefore the engine emission of stationary plants must be checked every 3 years in Germany, if the exhaust gas contains formaldehyde, the formaldehyde measurement is even due every year. In most cases, catalytic converters are used to reduce the emission of CO and formaldehyde. Continuous measurement of exhaust gas gives valuable insights for engine optimization to maximize performance while minimizing emissions. Our TRACE-GAS LAS CH2O analyzer combines reliability, fast response and ease of use in one instrument. Designed for calibrationfree and direct measurement of formaldehyde (CH2O) in your use-case!

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