PAS OEM Sensors

PAS - NO2 emission and immission

The PAS-NO2 OEM Sensor is an almost drift-free sensor for the direct detection of nitrogen dioxide (NO2).
Due to the innovative evaluation method, large measuring ranges can be realized with an extremely low detection limit.
The compact design allows fast, cost-effective and continuous measurement with low sample volume flow.

OEM sensor photoacoustic spectroscopy
  1. Specifications

    SpecificationsPAS-NO2PAS-NO2 (immission)
    Measurement range (FS) min.0 - 10 ppm0 - 1 ppm
    Measurement range (FS) max.0 - 5.000 ppm
    Limit of detection (LOD) 1 @t10- t90 ≤ 3 s< 10 ppb (2σ)< 0,5 ppb (2σ)
    Linearity< 1% FS
    Accuracy± 1% FS
    Zero drift< LOD in 8 h
    Span drift< 1% FS in 8 h
    1 depending on filter settings and flow-rate


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