CLD Analyzer

For Monitoring: NO, NOX, NO2

CLD Analyzer

The CLDmono is a single-channel analyzer for the precise detection of nitrogen oxides. The use of a converter and a change-over at the reaction chamber can be used alternately to measure nitrogen monoxide (NO) as well as high-quality nitrogen oxides (NOx). In addition, the CLD can be used for a pure NO or NOx measurement.

The CLDdual is a two-channel analyzer for the precise detection of nitrogen oxides. The parallel reaction chambers enable the simultaneous measurement of NO and NOX. The CLDdual is heatable to 191 °C for raw gas measurement and ideally suited for high as well as low concentrations.

  1. Key Features
    • direct measuring method
    • extremely stable measurement values
    • high dynamic range
    • quick response time
    • very good signal-to-noise ratio (SNR)
    • capacitive touch screen
    • intuitive user interface
    • extremely low maintenance
    • high life span
    • modular structure
  2. Applications
    • Automotive industry
    • Agriculture
    • Biomedical development labs
    • Chemical and high-tech industry
    • Chimney exhaust gases
    • DeNOx plants
    • Monitoring of marine engines
    • NO2 measurement in buildings
    • Operation of burners and boilers
    • Petrochemistry
    • Pharmaceutical development labs
    • Plant physiology research
    • Quality control in production
    • Waste incineration
    • Water analysis TNb

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